It starts with trust and accountability. We build and sustain trust through our Differentiated Approach. We ensure our clients are competently represented at every touchpoint of the process – from due diligence, technology selection, contracting and pricing negotiation, all the way through to successful implementation and ongoing life-cycle management.

It’s about challenging expectations and working in partnership with our clients’ to sponsor Executives and their IT, Procurement, and Finance teams to clearly define your goals and create the project roadmap.




Ken’s solid reputation, hands-on style, deep industry relationships and extensive carrier knowledge, enables him to serve PeakView’s clients in a manner that delivers optimal results.

His background includes leadership roles with companies such as AT&T, MCI, and Integra as an Executive Vice President and Officer.


25 years leadership experience in the telecommunications industry


With his broad experience across multiple areas of the business, Adam is able to assist his customers in not only designing the right solution at the best value but ensuring a seamless implementation experience.

His background includes leadership roles with companies such as CenturyLink, Integra, and ShoreTel.


20 years in technology working in sales, sales engineering, product management and post-sales support



Deborah Choy

Information Technology & Solutions Consultant

Deborah joins PeakView with over 20 years of experience working in both the financial and telecommunications industries. As a proven sales professional, Deborah has supported large enterprise client accounts in clarifying, selecting and implementing their business and technology strategies. Her extreme attention to detail, broad knowledge and practical application of services across a wide array of requirements, brings a valued skill set to PeakView and our clients. Whether working with frontline employees at the execution level, or senior executives developing strategy, Deborah's consultative approach consistently delivers measurable benefits. Any client who has ever worked with Deborah appreciates her candor, intellect, creativity and contagious energy, as she delivers on her commitments. PeakView is thrilled to have her on our team.

Major Skinner

Senior Technology Consultant

Major has over 20 years experience in the technology industry, with proven success across a broad spectrum of disciplines. Whether it’s supporting data and voice networking equipment, unified communications, cloud services, wireless, datacenter, conferencing or complex data networks, Major has done it all and brings that expertise to our client’s benefit. Most recently, Major supported accounts with both national and global presence by developing creative solutions, negotiating the best pricing and terms and overseeing the implementation of those networks. His relationships in the industry and knowledge of service providers, ensures that the right solution is presented every time and is custom tailored to the unique client requirements. PeakView is excited to have Major on our team and this greatly supports our continued expansion and rapid growth in the West Coast markets.

Katherine Rennert

Regional Director, Client Development

Katherine has over 14 years in the industry as a successful Account Executive at CenturyLink (formerly Qwest) and AT&T. In recent years, she has been an independent Solution Provider utilizing her customer-focused approach to provide innovative solutions for her clients, while ensuring the best value and uncompromised customer service. Katherine’s experience lends particular value to PeakView as it relates to our expanding practice with our key global service providers. Client advocacy and customer service is a cornerstone of PeakView’s business model and Katherine exemplifies those qualities with every client engagement. Katherine is a key contributor to our rapid growth and national expansion, and PeakView is fortunate to have someone with her experience.

Scott Townsend

Senior Technology & Solutions Consultant

Scott is an experienced professional with more than 20 years of owning and operating his own consulting firms, and leading sales and engineering organizations for large telecom companies. His unique blend of business acumen, sharpened by several start-ups, combined with his technical expertise, brings significant benefits to his clients. His background spans across multiple technology verticals and business segments of; State and Federal government, Mid to Large Enterprise and Education. Scott is a true consultant in every regard, who uses his abilities to deliver a thoughtful and successful outcome for his clients. PeakView is fortunate to have him on our team supporting our business partners and clients in the Midwest.

Nancy Nevalsky

IT Solutions Consultant

Nancy has over 20 years of experience in the telecommunications and IT outsourcing industries. Her expertise spans many areas, including pre- and post-sales, solutions engineering, implementation, management, and data center operations. Her work has helped customers to align IT infrastructure with their specific business requirements. She has worked with companies to enable technologies, helping them evolve at every stage, from inception to becoming the world's largest Social Media and eCommerce icons. Nancy’s ability to parse complex requirements into optimal strategic and actionable components delivers measurable results for our clients.

Jim Downing

Solutions Engineer

Jim has extensive experience in the technology industry having held positions in Sales, Marketing, Business Development and Engineering. Whether working as an individual contributor or supporting organizations in a leadership role, the benefits delivered by Jim to both internal and external clients is invaluable. His creativity and attention to detail in designing networks to support complex data and voice requirements ensures that our clients receive the best-recommended solution. Jim’s expertise in Unified Communications, Virtualization and Cloud enabled solutions, lends particular benefit as the industry continues to quickly migrate to more advanced technologies. Jim is located in Denver, Colorado and PeakView is pleased to have someone of his talent and commitment as we grow our business and support our sales associates and clients.

Nicole Reeves

Account Executive

Nicole is an accomplished sales professional, whose style reinforces PeakView’s consultative approach in supporting our clients. Her ability to actively listen and leverage her technical, operational and executive resources ensures that her clients receive the best solution available. Nicole’s background in Mobility and Telecom Expense Management, lends another layer of expertise in addressing the needs of an ever-increasing mobile workforce, while keeping an eye on the bottom line. Nicole’s passion for client advocacy and providing leading edge solutions are key to her consistent success, and make her a great addition to the PeakView team.

Lisa Smith

Director of Finance & Operations

Lisa oversees the operational and financial requirements for PeakView, which includes managing our service provider relationships, commissioning platform, new employee orientation, training and corporate finances. Her telecommunications background began at Broadwing (later acquired by Level 3), and spans across multiple disciplines of; order and project management, customer care, sales support, CRM integration, finance and she most recently managed international logistics and sales operations for Paulaner HP USA. Lisa’s attention to detail and process oriented approach contributes greatly to managing PeakView’s rapid growth.

Rachael Rennert

Account Executive & Mobility Specialist

Rachael comes to us with experience in various segments of the telecommunications industry. She began her telecom career as a research contractor for the Federal Communications Commission. After earning her MBA, Rachael moved to a managerial position in Access Cost Management for MCI (now Verizon). Rachael then moved into telecom equity research as an analyst for Gerard Klauer Mattison (now BMO Capital Markets), followed by a related role at Fitch Ratings, as an Associate Director, Corporate Finance, where she conducted corporate credit analysis on various companies in the telecommunications and technology sectors. Rachael's unique blend of telecom knowledge is a great asset to the PeakView team and our clients.

Heidi Romans

Client Account Manager

Heidi brings to PeakView a relentless commitment to supporting both our clients and consultants. Her meticulous and detail-oriented approach ensures that scheduled projects and due dates are delivered accurately and on-time. Heidi is experienced in managing large, complex projects, as well as supporting multi-faceted client engagements; and this combination will deliver measurable benefits to PeakView’s customers. Whether it’s managing service installations, conducting inventory audits, creatively solving for a customer’s evolving technology requirements, or simply providing general ongoing service and support, her organizational skills are second to none. Heidi is a true customer advocate and PeakView is delighted to have her as part of our growing team.

Steve Burns

Project Manager

Steve is a project management professional with extensive experience in planning, coordinating and leading technical projects of varying scale. His proven track record of consistently managing projects from concept through successful implementation, on-time or ahead of schedule, adds significant value to our clients. Whether Steve is communicating status updates, or managing multiple stakeholders, including clients, carrier project teams or executive leadership, he excels at ensuring all parties involved have a clear, concise and well thought out project plan that delivers results through mutual accountability. PeakView is pleased to have Steve as part of our team and we’re confident our clients will reap the benefits of his broad skill set and thoughtful interactions.

Stanton Smith

Manager, Sales Operations

Stanton has extensive expertise in strategic pricing, operational reporting, and contract terms and conditions. He provides critical account support to meet our clients’ specialized needs. Stanton’s experience, combined with his ability to analyze and interpret data, equips clients with the information they need to make sound decisions. His knowledge of industry price-points across a myriad of products helps ensure PeakView’s ability to secure competitive pricing and terms for our clients.

Chad Bienko

Senior Consultant

Chad is an innovative technology consultant with over 20 years of experience. After graduating from the University of Texas at Austin with an MBA, he began his career as a Legislative Aide to both a State Senator and the Governor of Texas. Those experiences in Legislative Affairs and Public Policy facilitated the transition into a successful sales consulting role with Siemens Communications serving Public Sector markets. He was promoted to a Financial Markets role in 2000 which brought him to Denver Colorado. Since then, he has continued to advocate for clients working at Verizon Business, CenturyLink, and as an independent consultant for the past two years. Chad’s true passion is putting his clients’ interests first. His strategic focus is on executive level engagement, crafting technology solutions to achieve business objectives, and negotiating favorable contractual outcomes for his customers. The strong client loyalty he enjoys is a testament to the authenticity he demonstrates in both his personal and business relationships.

Janie Kidd

Sales Support Specialist

Janie comes to PeakView after a highly successful 20-year career with AT&T. Her experience spans across technical, sales and sales support disciplines, as well as managing the engagement process from proposal to implementation. Additionally, her proven track record of supporting the unique demands of a diverse client base across small business, large enterprise and international customers, ensures that all details are covered and client satisfaction is achieved. PeakView is fortunate to have Janie on the team and welcomes the positive impact and value she brings to our clients and accounts executives.


With experts all over the country, our clients and solutions are not limited by geography.


Benefits of Partnering with Independent Agents vs Direct Sales Reps

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by Nicole Reeves, Solutions Consultant

An Independent agent’s relationship with clients is based on trust, transparency, and respect, with the goal of evolving strategically in areas that can benefit the IT infrastructure of their business. We build a mutual understanding of the business, listen to client’s specific needs, and create a roadmap of how those two fit together.

But what’s the difference?

Direct reps are solely focused on marketing and selling their products, which may or may not be a good fit for the client’s business. They have a quota to meet, and a defined product list to sell. They are compensated on how much they are selling and how quickly they can get contracts signed. And in many cases, before the proverbial ink is dry, the client is handed off to someone else for support.

Independent agents are your advocates who are focused on long-term relationships with all of our customers. We make recommendations based on tailored needs, with access to multiple providers to ensure the eventual solution meets very specific and detailed requirements. Through our 100+ vendor partnerships, we assure the right solution will be in place, with the right vendor, along with life-cycle management to allow clients to work with the same agent on an ongoing basis.

Here are three key benefits to working with independent agents:

1. Improved Economics

Every customer has a defined budget; therefore, we focus on successful price negotiations across all of our vendors to support a successful outcome. Being educated in each facet of the IT world on a daily basis, we know what pricing is truly market competitive.  We have experts in a broad range of technology disciplines, along with multiple providers in each area.  That allows us to provide options, which results in positive financial and contractual leverage in the selection process.

2. Productivity

One complaint frequently heard is how much time our clients spend managing their vendor’s direct reps, being that they’re constantly changing, or post-sale support falls short of what was promised. The upside to using an independent agent is their longevity and single-point-of-contact in all pillars of our engagement. We have access to all internal resources with every vendor relationship, and have escalation paths when commitments are not being met. Our ongoing management and support allows our clients to focus on what’s core to their business.

3. Life-Cycle Management

Needs are constantly evolving, and no one vendor can solve for every client need, or address all the various technology areas in their respective enterprises. We get educated on our clients’ business in a very deep and broad sense.  An independent agent is focused on keeping clients educated on new products and services, will conduct the proper diligence to determine the right fit, and keep the relationship consistent.  This ensures an efficient and productive long-term partnership, vs. a short-term “buying relationship”.

In summary, utilizing the expertise of an independent agent leaves clients with confidence that their needs are accounted for, and they have the proper level of advocacy through the entire process of discovery, selection, implementation, and ongoing support.

5 Things to Consider When Choosing Cloud Contact Center

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by Adam Rennert, President of PeakView

The cloud contact center has gained momentum among businesses of every size thanks to its demonstrable ROI. The benefits of capex savings, operational streamlining, and support for mobile and remote agents are clearly understood. What’s not so clear, however, is how to choose the right contact center platform for your specific business requirements.

With the interest in cloud contact centers at an all-time high, the options in the market have proliferated. Here are the top five criteria to consider when choosing which one is right for you.

No. 1: What’s Under the Hood?

Plenty of cloud contact centers offer pretty interfaces, bright colors, and cool graphics—but what’s really driving the applications? While an intuitive user experience is important, it’s also critical to remember that contact center functionality can be the lifeblood for your business; what happens if agents can’t access features, or customer histories? What if the whole system has an outage? Is there a strategy for coping with these kinds of failures?

With that in mind, it is important to consider the level of redundancy that’s built into the system, from a network and data center perspective. Questions to ask include whether the network is geographically redundant, so traffic can seamlessly be re-routed in the event of a fiber cut or natural disaster; whether the provider offers a back-up carrier and what the failover thresholds are; and how is the server stack configured—is it modularly redundant with tri-level resiliency? Are there backup servers?

No. 2: A Proven Track Record for Scalability

In addition to under-the-hood configurations for uptime and reliability, it’s also crucial to consider whether the platform is proven and scalable.

A platform that does well supporting 20 customer service representatives in one location may do a great job, but what experience does it have supporting CSRs globally, or in larger numbers? It’s often useful to request case studies or references to gain a clearer understanding of what kind of heavy lifting a company’s technology is able to do. Depending on your enterprise profile, you’ll want to ensure that whatever platform you choose can scale both domestically and globally for your business.

No. 3: Feature Set

Contact centers continue to evolve, and the ways in which they allow CSRs to interact with customers constantly changes with new generations and demographic trends. As a result, it is important to select a contact center that updates its platform on a regular basis, and makes good on its technology roadmap.

Part of this is evaluating the maturity a platform has when it comes to multi- and omnichannel environments. Some options are proverbial “one-trick ponies”; some provide solid voice capabilities, with tracking and analytics. Then there are specialty companies that provide services such as advanced SMS interactions. Some companies like to build a modular, best-of-breed approach to their contact center needs, whereas others want a platform that can provide voice, SMS, video, chat and social media, all in a centralized view of the customer.

Similarly, depending on your needs, you may want to find a platform that integrates easily with third-party software via open API environments, whether that’s with known platforms like Salesforce, or a homegrown system.

In all cases, ease of use—both on the administration and the user side—should be one of the top criteria when selecting a provider. If the features are enabled but too difficult to learn how to use easily, the broadness of the platform becomes a moot point.

No. 4: White-Glove Service

Along with the technical features and functionality offered in a cloud contact center, the kind of customer service and support that backs it up can be just as important when it comes to decision-making. A lot of companies can spin up a compelling technology, but if there’s an issue, you’ll want to rest easy that they have your back.

White-glove service starts with implementation—the system should be implemented properly and in a timely fashion, and any issues that come up, especially in the first 60 days, should be resolved quickly.

At PeakView, we schedule meetings with every supplier we consider, to talk about their platform and determine whether we would want to recommend it to our clients. If we find they don’t have a true and proven support structure, but are rather relying on, say, an 800 number and one guy in the back to field calls, we don’t add that company to the mix.

No. 5: Cultural Fit & Cost Flexibility

Finally, it’s important that you match up with someone that understands your needs. For instance, if you’re in startup mode deploying a new platform, your provider should be one that understands what that means and can work with you in selecting the right technology. Similarly, if you’re an established company shifting from a legacy platform, there are additional considerations for building a proper migration path.

Cost flexibility is an important consideration. Some providers are firm in their pricing, regardless of what the requirements are. But we believe that contact centers should be personal and customized. For instance, if a company is moving away from an existing on-premise solution, it’s likely that avoiding cost overlap will be a consideration. In terms of contract terms and ramps, as well as licensing models, it’s possible to find the provider that will work with you depending on your specific needs.

In one situation, we had a customer who had a specific budget cycle, but also needed to hit the ground running by a certain date. The vendor was able to implement the solution, while giving our client a six-month ramp on paying for it. In another example, we had a new organization that was growing fast, but which didn’t have a lot of resources on staff. The vendor provided four months of a full-time resource to help get the project up and running, and deployed properly as part of the overall contract.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Channel Partner

With so many facets to consider, it may seem overwhelming to select the right provider for your cloud contact center implementation. Fortunately, we at PeakView are your trusted advisors. We sit down with our customers to understand their specific needs, and then, using a comprehensive scorecard, we evaluate the market options than would best fit those needs.

A provider doesn’t need to be the best in every one of these areas—it’s a balance. But generally speaking, everything should be easy and intuitive, there should be credibility in the market around the platform and ability to deliver, and it shouldn’t be complicated to have questions answered. We have the experience to help you sort through the options, and find the perfect, balanced provider for you.