BPO Augmenting Technology Stack

The Need:

The client had been utilizing an older, legacy, highly customized, inflexible, and costly to maintain system to manage their over 10,000-person agent pool. The challenge was that the client had contractual obligations yet had significant downtime and challenges with the application. Additionally, new prospective clients were asking for functionality that their existing system could not deliver, thereby losing potential new business opportunities.

The Solution:

PeakView was hired to start laying out a multi-year roadmap to migration. We started with diving deep into their clients’ needs, as well as interviewing their sales teams to understand why they were winning or losing customers as relates to technology. We developed a plan that enabled prioritizing the migration of customers that would benefit most, while still staying within the parameters of the financial obligations of the existing provider.

The Result:

PeakView vetted multiple providers to align with both technical and business needs and was able to negotiate terms that decreased the overall monthly costs. The solution added key new functionality that was needed to maintain their base while also attracting new clients.

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