Consolidation of multiple disparate systems

The Need:

The client had gone through several acquisitions, leading to multiple disparate on-premise systems that were difficult to manage, maintain, and support, and could not adjust to the fast-changing marketplace. The current technology also had stability issues and lacked the ability to add needed digital functionality. With over 3,000 agents across 9 locations, plus 4 BPO outsourced locations, the technology was taking its toll on the business. The key stakeholders knew they needed to move to a unified cloud-based application, but first needed to get the project approved by their C-level suite.

The Solution:

PeakView worked with the client to document current inefficiencies driven by the lack of solid technology, and gathered existing costs. PeakView then developed a 3-year ROI/TCO view for presentation to the C-suite. This work enabled a green light to move forward with the diligence process. PeakView spent several months working with the key stakeholders to document the requirements, which spread across 5 departments and 12 job roles, and based on those findings PeakView wrote the RFP to send to prospective providers. PeakView then spent 9 months helping the client move through the selection process to ultimately choose a provider who could best meet the requirements.

The Result:

The client ultimately chose a provider that that consolidated systems while allowing an open architecture for seamless integration to back-office systems. This has led to significant call connection and call handling efficiencies, while over-achieving on the business case objectives.

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