Fast-growing FinTech Company

The Need:

A leading FinTech startup was going through exponential growth and had just received significant funding that pushed their valuation over the $1B mark. This put a lot of pressure on the company to ensure that they would have a foundation in place to handle the increased business volumes. The combinations of systems they had were designed for small businesses and were not able to scale with the company’s needs.

The Solution:

PeakView was hired by the CFO to come in and evaluate the business needs and deploy a solution that will meet those needs for the next 5 years. 5 years is a long time, and the business could take many directions between now and then. We had to determine which providers could not only meet the functionality, up-time, and privacy needs of today, but also who is truly innovating for the future.

The Result:

After detailed review and vetting, the client chose a Unified Communications provider who was able to quickly scale as the client opened new offices and hired additional staff. This provider was also highly compatible and had strong integrations with the client’s chosen Contact Center provider, which PeakView also helped vet for the client.

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