Global Network Consolidation

The Need:

The client had a fast-growing global footprint, which continued to expand through a series of acquisitions. Ultimately, this resulted in the client managing over 70 different network providers across the globe. This disparate and fragmented vendor landscape created challenges in managing network quality, achieving price efficiencies, SLAs, procurement, invoicing, repair, renewal, and accounts payable.

The Solution:

PeakView spent several months auditing the client’s current circuit inventory, documenting costs, contractual commitments, and technical requirements. Upon completion of that data gathering, PeakView built a comprehensive plan that identified best-in-class providers available at each location, and opportunities for consolidation, which we leveraged to obtain optimal terms and pricing.

The Result:

As a result of this engagement, we were successful in reducing the number of providers from an unmanageable 70 down to 13, while reducing costs by 18%. PeakView also streamlined the ordering and fulfillment process through our dedicated support team. This team not only managed the procurement, but also oversaw the implementation and provided ongoing support, including invoice management. PeakView also supports the client’s global call center technology and managed the migration from an older, end-of-life platform to a fully meshed global solution.

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