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PeakView is an experienced and proven industry-leading Cloud adoption consulting firm, with a core focus on Cloud Contact Center technology and solutions. We support companies from Fortune 500 to mid-sized enterprises, as they transition from legacy contact center technology to a more robust and capable omnichannel platform that meets their clients’ evolving requirements.


What We Do

We provide Cloud Contact Center technology solutions that transform businesses.

It starts with trust and accountability. We build and sustain trust through our differentiated approach. We ensure our clients are thoroughly represented at every touchpoint of the engagement. Our proven process has transformed the customer experience landscape for dozens of clients that span the globe.

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Our Values

Unrivaled experience and dedication.

Our owners are former executives of large technology companies averaging 20+ years’ experience and unparalleled reputations in the technology industry. Our expertise ensures every client receives hands-on guidance and dedicated resources from Solutions Experts, Engineers, Project Managers, and Account Managers, to guarantee every client gets the attention and support they deserve.

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Unbiased, Data-driven Process.

With the myriad of technology providers in existence, and with others launching literally every month, it can be difficult to sort through what’s real and what’s marketing hype. Rather than relying on a technology provider to accurately state their capabilities, PeakView’s experience ensures that clients make informed decisions that are based on reality and first-hand involvement.  While we don’t make the decision, we inform the decision through open and transparent interactions.

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Personalized Engagement.

PeakView’s process involves a true partnership with our clients. We effectively become an extension of their team in both the long-term vision and daily execution of the jointly developed strategy. We share our proven models used through the diligence and selection process, and leverage our experience on best practices learned from dozens of engagements.  Whether clients ask us to be the “tip of the spear” or the foundational support team, we deliver unmatched results.

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Our Approach

It starts with trust and accountability.

PeakView’s mission is to ensure that clients are competently represented through the entire process of the vetting and procurement of new technology. That includes: in-depth interviews to capture and document requirements; RFI/RFP process; managing vendor engagements; scoring vendor capabilities; building financial models (ROI/TCO); supporting contracting and pricing negotiation; all the way to a successful implementation and ongoing life-cycle management.

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Our Team

Ken Smith CEO
Adam Rennert President
Deborah Choy Senior Technology Consultant
Major Skinner Senior Technology Consultant
Stanton Smith Director of Business Development
Katherine Rennert Senior Technology Consultant
Heidi Romans Client Account Manager
Jim Downing Senior Solutions Engineer
Lisa Smith Director of Finance and Operations
Erich Fouse Senior Client Advisor
Rachael Rennert Senior Technology Consultant
Janie Kidd Sales Support Specialist
Josh Eitel Senior Solutions Consultant
Pete Kinkead Senior Security Consultant
Scott Townsend Senior Technology and Solutions Consultant
Jeff Johnson Senior Security Consultant
Nancy Nevalsky IT Solutions Consultant

Deliver Exceptional Customer Experiences

Our cloud contact center experts can help you manage vendor selection with a proven, data-driven process to find the best solution for your business.

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