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New Partnership with Jacada Offers Cloud-Ready Customers End-to-End Contact Center Automation and RPA

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ATLANTA, OCT 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Jacada, Inc., provider of solutions designed to automate end-to-end customer service operations, is excited to announce a new partnership with PeakView, a leading cloud contact center company that supports large enterprises, including several Fortune 500 companies, as a Contact Center As a Service (CCaaS) technology solution provider and consulting firm. PeakView’s expertise and experience ensures that clients will be able to make a well-informed and thoughtful decision in selecting cloud contact center solutions that improve efficiencies and customer engagement. Combined with Jacada’s 30-year history in contact center automation, this partnership is a perfect fit to help contact center clients, along with their CCaaS vendor, transition to the cloud with best-in-class customer service robotic process automation (CSRPA) and employee guidance.

“Our clients are eager to implement customer-facing and employee-serving contact center automation that will drive efficiency and customer satisfaction. This new relationship with Jacada has already helped us bring automation innovation to thousands of agent desktops, and we anticipate continued growth in the years ahead,” said Adam Rennert, President and Co-Founder of PeakView.

Using AI and the #1 Platform for Human and Robot Collaboration, Jacada provides cloud contact centers end-to-end customer service automation solutions to expand a CCaaS offering with employee guidance, self-service, and assisted-service customer interactions.

“PeakView has their finger on the pulse of the cloud contact center industry and this strategic partnership will enable our joint customers to reduce customer effort and enhance the employee experience on their journey to the cloud,” adds Oren Shefler, VP of Sales Americas.

About Peakview

PeakView works in partnership with clients’ sponsoring executives and their IT, Customer Experience, Procurement, and Finance teams to clearly define goals and create the project roadmap. Its mission is to ensure that clients are competently represented through the process of requirements due diligence, technology selection, contracting and pricing negotiation, all the way to a successful implementation and ongoing life-cycle management.

About Jacada

Jacada is the global leader in customer service automation with over three decades of experience automating end-to-end customer interactions for enterprise clients. Using a #CollaborationFirst approach to automation, Jacada’s solutions bring together rich UX design, real-time guidance and intelligent automation capabilities powered by customer service RPA to create truly collaborative experiences between customers, employees and robots within a single low-code automation and AI hub.

Talkdesk and PeakView form Strategic Partnership to Provide Enterprise Cloud Contact Center Solutions

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PeakView and Talkdesk have entered into a strategic partnership which expands Talkdesk’s reach into enterprise markets and broadens PeakView’s portfolio of leading cloud contact center providers.

PeakView supports enterprise companies, including several Fortune 500 companies, as a technology solution provider and consulting firm, with a core focus on cloud contact center solutions. PeakView’s expertise and experience ensures that clients will be able to make a well-informed and thoughtful decision in selecting cloud contact center solutions that improve efficiencies and customer engagement.

“Talkdesk’s innovative product set allows clients to implement the features they need to best support their customers. This partnership furthers our ability to provide high-quality choices to our clients, and we anticipate further growth and success as a result of this partnership,” said Adam Rennert, President and Co-Founder of PeakView.

Talkdesk powers customer interactions for more than 1,400 innovative enterprises around the world including IBM, Acxiom, Discovery Education and Peloton. Today’s customer service providers have grown frustrated by traditional on-premises and first-generation cloud systems that are too complex, siloed and rigid to keep pace with ever-evolving technologies and customer expectations. Talkdesk is easily adaptable to changing customer and contact center operational needs, resulting in increased productivity, customer satisfaction and cost saving. By combining enterprise performance with consumer-like ease of use, Talkdesk empowers companies to make customer experience their competitive advantage.

“We are very excited to have PeakView as a partner, bringing valuable industry knowledge and expertise to strengthen the Talkdesk offering,” said Talkdesk CEO, Tiago Paiva. “Talkdesk is driving the contact center industry forward with innovative solutions, providing companies the tools they need to set themselves apart from their competition. PeakView shares this customer-first philosophy of helping organizations optimize their customer service which makes for an ideal partnership with Talkdesk.”

About PeakView

PeakView works in partnership with clients’ sponsoring executives and their IT, Customer Experience, Procurement, and Finance teams to clearly define goals and create the project roadmap. Our mission is to ensure that clients are competently represented through the process of requirements due diligence, technology selection, contracting and pricing negotiation, all the way to a successful implementation and ongoing life-cycle management.

About Talkdesk

Talkdesk Enterprise Cloud Contact Center empowers companies to make customer experience their competitive advantage. With enterprise-class performance and consumer-like ease of use, Talkdesk easily adapts to the evolving needs of sales and support teams and their end-customers, resulting in increased customer satisfaction, productivity and cost savings. Over 1,400 innovative enterprises around the world, including IBM, Acxiom, Discovery Education and Peloton, rely on Talkdesk to power their customer interactions. Learn more and request a demo at

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Teleopti and PeakView enable exceptional customer experiences with new partnership

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Teleopti, a top, global vendor for workforce management (WFM) software and PeakView Communications, leading provider of cloud application solutions, have now partnered. Together, Teleopti and PeakView will bring a dynamic solution to the ever-changing business needs of the Cloud Contact Center.

PeakView supports enterprise companies, including several Fortune 500 companies, as a technology solution provider and consulting firm, with a core focus on Cloud Contact Center solutions. Teleopti WFM Cloud delivers a functionality-rich platform while seamlessly integrating with leading Cloud Contact Center solutions for workforce forecasting, scheduling and management that’s accurate and efficient. Jointly, they bring an unparalleled solution and remarkable customer experience opportunities to their customers.

“Teleopti’s Workforce Management solution is among the best in the industry. This partnership empowers us in our mission to provide superior solutions to our clients, especially in the Cloud Contact Center space. We look forward to continued, accelerated growth and success as a result of this partnership,” said Adam Rennert, President and Co-Founder of PeakView.

With the IT landscape transforming at lightning speed, contact centers must keep up to remain competitive. By leveraging cloud-based applications, unmatched efficiencies, flexibility and scalability are gained, as well as the richest features and the latest functionality. With this new partnership, customers will have more options to address their specific need, leveraging PeakView’s expertise in the Cloud Contact Center space and solution consulting.

“I couldn’t be more excited to partner with PeakView, they are undisputed Contact Center experts in the industry. Both Teleopti and PeakView are focused on helping organizations optimize their customer service delivery and both are well known for having the highest customer satisfaction in the industry,” said Rob Clarke, VP of North America Sales at Teleopti. “There couldn’t be a more perfect fit.”

Learn more at and

PeakView Partners with Bright Pattern

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PeakView and Bright Pattern have entered into a strategic partnership that expands Bright Pattern’s reach into enterprise markets and deepens PeakView’s portfolio of leading Cloud Contact Center providers. Bright Pattern provides a simple yet powerful cloud contact center solution that aims to revolutionize the way that fast, easy and feature rich omnichannel customer service is delivered. They invest heavily in research and development to bring unique innovations that empower mid- and enterprise-size businesses to deliver great customer experience across all communications and messaging channels, faster and easier than ever before.

“Our partnership with Bright Pattern will further enable us to provide top-tier Cloud Contact Center solutions to our clients. Their innovation within this fast-growing space has allowed for Bright Pattern to emerge as a leading visionary within the industry,” said Adam Rennert, President and Co-Founder of PeakView.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with PeakView to help them in their effort to consistently deliver superior customer service,” said Brian Hays, SVP of Global Sales at Bright Pattern. “PeakView has been able to build trust among top brands with a differentiated approach through due diligence, technology selection, contracting and pricing negotiation, and on-going management. By utilizing the Bright Pattern platform, PeakView will be able to take customer experience to the next level and digitally revolutionize customer communications.”

With the purpose of making customer service brighter, easier, and faster than ever before, Bright Pattern offers a true omnichannel cloud platform that can be deployed quickly and nimbly by business users. Bright Pattern allows companies to offer an effortless, personal, and seamless customer experience across traditional channels like voice, text, chat, email, video, messengers, and bots.  The company was founded by a team of industry veterans who pioneered the leading on-premises solutions and today are delivering an architecture for the future with an advanced cloud-first approach. Bright Pattern’s cloud contact center solution is used globally in over 26 countries and 12 languages.

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Telarus Recognizes PeakView as a Top-Producing Partner of 2017

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PeakView finishes in the top 20 from over 4,000 Telarus partners nationwide

BOCA RATON, FL — Telarus, LLC, master agent of business data, voice, and cloud services, today announced that PeakView had been named a Top 20 partner during its annual Partner Exchange event at the Boca Raton Resort.

“I’d like to offer my most sincere congratulations to all of the staff at PeakView on a momentous 2017,” said Adam Edwards, CEO of Telarus.  “Their raw determination and focus on next-generation services in the Cloud Contact Center and UCaaS space helped them raise the bar as we’ve never before seen, and we celebrate their success.  PeakView is a dynamic organization that is highly focused on their customer’s needs, especially as it relates to leveraging new cloud technology and making it a competitive weapon for their clients. With this focus on the future and continuous reinvestment in the growth of their business, we expect to see them in this group of top performers for years to come!”

“Telarus has been a committed partner that has enabled us to help our customers reach their goals. Our historical and sustained commitment in the Cloud Contact Center space remains our core focus, and we look forward to continued expansion in this area as we work with Telarus,” said Adam Rennert, President and Co-Founder of PeakView.

Telarus, the largest privately-held master agent of business digital infrastructure services in the United States, recognizes its top-selling agent partners each year. With over 4,000 contracted agents, finishing in the top 20 is a significant accomplishment.

“In aggregate, our 39 percent sales growth last year was fueled by our top partners like PeakView who are shining examples of excellence in our industry,” added Scott Forbush, SVP of sales for Telarus. “A huge congratulations go out to the entire team at PeakView for their hard work and focus on selling next-generation cloud products. 2018 is already shaping up to be another record-breaking year for them, and we look forward to supporting and celebrating their continued success.”

PeakView Partners with Kustomer

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It’s all about the Customer Experience!  PeakView recently entered into a strategic partnership with Kustomer (, a fast-growing and technology-rich, support management platform. Kustomer’s approach to customer engagement is unique and enhances the customer experience and agent effectiveness.  The technology starts with a scalable platform built to easily integrate to multiple complimentary systems and leverages a robust workflow engine to drive real-time data updates across an omnichannel environment.

PeakView Communications Achieves Platinum Partner Level with Intelisys

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Solution Provider and Consulting Firm named 13th Intelisys Platinum Partner

Petaluma, CA (December 4, 2017) – Intelisys, Inc., a ScanSource company and the nation’s leading Technology Services Distributor, has announced PeakView Communications as its 13th Sales Partner to reach Platinum status. An Intelisys Sales Partner since 2014, PeakView Communications is an experienced solution provider and consulting firm focused on delivering a full range of cloud, contact center, data and network management, security, and unified communications solutions for its customers.

“It’s been amazing to watch PeakView’s explosive growth since partnering with Intelisys in 2014. Named Top Overall Growth Partner in 2016, and Top Growth Partner in the West Region in 2017, they are among the fastest Sales Partners to achieve Platinum Partner status,” said J.R. Cook, Intelisys Senior Vice President, West Region. “We are proud to welcome PeakView to the Platinum Partner family, and excited to see what comes next—we anticipate celebrating many more successes in the future.”

November 29 will forevermore be recognized by Intelisys as PeakView Communications Day. To commemorate the significant milestone, PeakView Communications was presented with a “Trip for Two to Anywhere in the World”, all expenses paid, at Intelisys’ headquarters in Petaluma, California. PeakView Communications’ President Adam Rennert and CEO Ken Smith accepted the award in front of more than 50 Intelisys team colleagues and top executives, with many more participating remotely from across the United States.

“The PeakView team averages more than 20 years of experience in the technology industry, which has enabled us to build strong relationships and a trusted reputation,” said Ken Smith, PeakView’s CEO. “Our partnership with Intelisys has provided us with the strategic support and resources to successfully grow our business and deliver maximum value for our clients.”

Leveraging deep industry insights and knowledge, PeakView’s dedication to providing responsive advocacy, comprehensive service and integrated solutions to its customers is an integral part of its extraordinary growth as an Intelisys Sales Partner.

“PeakView’s differentiation, and resulting rapid growth, is due to our being highly knowledgeable on the cloud technologies and solutions we represent, while ensuring our clients are fully educated as they navigate the various options in the market,” said Adam Rennert, PeakView’s President. “We work in partnership with our customers, providing truly agnostic advice and consultation that’s focused on our client requirements, not a specific provider of technology. We will not recommend something that is sub-optimal to the client, or that will lead to a poor experience or outcome.”

Benefits of Partnering with Independent Agents vs Direct Sales Reps

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by Nicole Reeves, Solutions Consultant

An Independent agent’s relationship with clients is based on trust, transparency, and respect, with the goal of evolving strategically in areas that can benefit the IT infrastructure of their business. We build a mutual understanding of the business, listen to client’s specific needs, and create a roadmap of how those two fit together.

But what’s the difference?

Direct reps are solely focused on marketing and selling their products, which may or may not be a good fit for the client’s business. They have a quota to meet, and a defined product list to sell. They are compensated on how much they are selling and how quickly they can get contracts signed. And in many cases, before the proverbial ink is dry, the client is handed off to someone else for support.

Independent agents are your advocates who are focused on long-term relationships with all of our customers. We make recommendations based on tailored needs, with access to multiple providers to ensure the eventual solution meets very specific and detailed requirements. Through our 100+ vendor partnerships, we assure the right solution will be in place, with the right vendor, along with life-cycle management to allow clients to work with the same agent on an ongoing basis.

Here are three key benefits to working with independent agents:

1. Improved Economics

Every customer has a defined budget; therefore, we focus on successful price negotiations across all of our vendors to support a successful outcome. Being educated in each facet of the IT world on a daily basis, we know what pricing is truly market competitive.  We have experts in a broad range of technology disciplines, along with multiple providers in each area.  That allows us to provide options, which results in positive financial and contractual leverage in the selection process.

2. Productivity

One complaint frequently heard is how much time our clients spend managing their vendor’s direct reps, being that they’re constantly changing, or post-sale support falls short of what was promised. The upside to using an independent agent is their longevity and single-point-of-contact in all pillars of our engagement. We have access to all internal resources with every vendor relationship, and have escalation paths when commitments are not being met. Our ongoing management and support allows our clients to focus on what’s core to their business.

3. Life-Cycle Management

Needs are constantly evolving, and no one vendor can solve for every client need, or address all the various technology areas in their respective enterprises. We get educated on our clients’ business in a very deep and broad sense.  An independent agent is focused on keeping clients educated on new products and services, will conduct the proper diligence to determine the right fit, and keep the relationship consistent.  This ensures an efficient and productive long-term partnership, vs. a short-term “buying relationship”.

In summary, utilizing the expertise of an independent agent leaves clients with confidence that their needs are accounted for, and they have the proper level of advocacy through the entire process of discovery, selection, implementation, and ongoing support.

5 Things to Consider When Choosing Cloud Contact Center

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by Adam Rennert, President of PeakView

The cloud contact center has gained momentum among businesses of every size thanks to its demonstrable ROI. The benefits of capex savings, operational streamlining, and support for mobile and remote agents are clearly understood. What’s not so clear, however, is how to choose the right contact center platform for your specific business requirements.

With the interest in cloud contact centers at an all-time high, the options in the market have proliferated. Here are the top five criteria to consider when choosing which one is right for you.

No. 1: What’s Under the Hood?

Plenty of cloud contact centers offer pretty interfaces, bright colors, and cool graphics—but what’s really driving the applications? While an intuitive user experience is important, it’s also critical to remember that contact center functionality can be the lifeblood for your business; what happens if agents can’t access features, or customer histories? What if the whole system has an outage? Is there a strategy for coping with these kinds of failures?

With that in mind, it is important to consider the level of redundancy that’s built into the system, from a network and data center perspective. Questions to ask include whether the network is geographically redundant, so traffic can seamlessly be re-routed in the event of a fiber cut or natural disaster; whether the provider offers a back-up carrier and what the failover thresholds are; and how is the server stack configured—is it modularly redundant with tri-level resiliency? Are there backup servers?

No. 2: A Proven Track Record for Scalability

In addition to under-the-hood configurations for uptime and reliability, it’s also crucial to consider whether the platform is proven and scalable.

A platform that does well supporting 20 customer service representatives in one location may do a great job, but what experience does it have supporting CSRs globally, or in larger numbers? It’s often useful to request case studies or references to gain a clearer understanding of what kind of heavy lifting a company’s technology is able to do. Depending on your enterprise profile, you’ll want to ensure that whatever platform you choose can scale both domestically and globally for your business.

No. 3: Feature Set

Contact centers continue to evolve, and the ways in which they allow CSRs to interact with customers constantly changes with new generations and demographic trends. As a result, it is important to select a contact center that updates its platform on a regular basis, and makes good on its technology roadmap.

Part of this is evaluating the maturity a platform has when it comes to multi- and omnichannel environments. Some options are proverbial “one-trick ponies”; some provide solid voice capabilities, with tracking and analytics. Then there are specialty companies that provide services such as advanced SMS interactions. Some companies like to build a modular, best-of-breed approach to their contact center needs, whereas others want a platform that can provide voice, SMS, video, chat and social media, all in a centralized view of the customer.

Similarly, depending on your needs, you may want to find a platform that integrates easily with third-party software via open API environments, whether that’s with known platforms like Salesforce, or a homegrown system.

In all cases, ease of use—both on the administration and the user side—should be one of the top criteria when selecting a provider. If the features are enabled but too difficult to learn how to use easily, the broadness of the platform becomes a moot point.

No. 4: White-Glove Service

Along with the technical features and functionality offered in a cloud contact center, the kind of customer service and support that backs it up can be just as important when it comes to decision-making. A lot of companies can spin up a compelling technology, but if there’s an issue, you’ll want to rest easy that they have your back.

White-glove service starts with implementation—the system should be implemented properly and in a timely fashion, and any issues that come up, especially in the first 60 days, should be resolved quickly.

At PeakView, we schedule meetings with every supplier we consider, to talk about their platform and determine whether we would want to recommend it to our clients. If we find they don’t have a true and proven support structure, but are rather relying on, say, an 800 number and one guy in the back to field calls, we don’t add that company to the mix.

No. 5: Cultural Fit & Cost Flexibility

Finally, it’s important that you match up with someone that understands your needs. For instance, if you’re in startup mode deploying a new platform, your provider should be one that understands what that means and can work with you in selecting the right technology. Similarly, if you’re an established company shifting from a legacy platform, there are additional considerations for building a proper migration path.

Cost flexibility is an important consideration. Some providers are firm in their pricing, regardless of what the requirements are. But we believe that contact centers should be personal and customized. For instance, if a company is moving away from an existing on-premise solution, it’s likely that avoiding cost overlap will be a consideration. In terms of contract terms and ramps, as well as licensing models, it’s possible to find the provider that will work with you depending on your specific needs.

In one situation, we had a customer who had a specific budget cycle, but also needed to hit the ground running by a certain date. The vendor was able to implement the solution, while giving our client a six-month ramp on paying for it. In another example, we had a new organization that was growing fast, but which didn’t have a lot of resources on staff. The vendor provided four months of a full-time resource to help get the project up and running, and deployed properly as part of the overall contract.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Channel Partner

With so many facets to consider, it may seem overwhelming to select the right provider for your cloud contact center implementation. Fortunately, we at PeakView are your trusted advisors. We sit down with our customers to understand their specific needs, and then, using a comprehensive scorecard, we evaluate the market options than would best fit those needs.

A provider doesn’t need to be the best in every one of these areas—it’s a balance. But generally speaking, everything should be easy and intuitive, there should be credibility in the market around the platform and ability to deliver, and it shouldn’t be complicated to have questions answered. We have the experience to help you sort through the options, and find the perfect, balanced provider for you.