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The Value of Project Management

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by Heidi Romans, Project Manager

Having one captain at the helm on any voyage ensures a higher probability of smooth sailing. There will always be waves and perhaps a surprise storm, but a good captain will recover by leveraging their experience, and make the best choices to keep moving forward. The same can be said about a project manager, especially in the world of telecom. There is incredible value in having one person dedicated to an installation project – to help reign in all the moving parts and keep the timeline tight. Project Managers can facilitate actions by working closely with clients and suppliers to make sure each is aware of their action items and to keep things organized. When you’ve got one person focused on the project, the customer has more time to focus on their own business needs.

Project management helps create strategic value. Being able to deliver projects within budget, and on time, measurably impacts a client’s ability to conduct business. It also ensures that lessons are learned from the project’s success and/or failure. Projects are naturally chaotic, and there will be some that do not go as planned, even with a clear path mapped out from start to finish. The probability of this happening more frequently is much higher without those lessons learned and one person to oversee the entirety of the installation.

Reliable data and internet connections are critical to conduct business and are an integral part of our business lives. These connections frequently traverse global locations, where each country can vary in the vendor, and a telecom project manager is able to translate varying terminologies from vendor to vendor, and form them into one cohesive language that a customer can easily understand. They bring value by being knowledgeable in the different processes and requirements for each vendor, thus saving time in the long run by anticipating the next step.

Project management greatly enhances the overall customer experience, and strengthens the relationship between customer and solution provider.

The Value In Moving To Cloud Based Customer Experience Solutions

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Customer Experience (CX), continues to be one of the largest areas for improvement in any business. It is a critical investment for companies looking to service, retain and acquire clients. For the past three years, Peakview has seen an increase in demand for reliable, efficient solutions. We expect it to continue as clients move away from legacy platforms that don’t deliver an experience people demand and deserve.

It is “predicted that more than $1 trillion in IT spending will be directly or indirectly affected by the shift to cloud during the next five years and said that ‘cloud computing is one of the most disruptive forces of IT spending since the early days of the digital age.’ It’s less about whether you should move to the cloud, instead a question of when.” (

This is the essence of why moving to the Cloud is so critical for companies looking to improve the CX. It’s all about:

  • Fast resolution
  • Expanded “channels” of Chat, Email, SMS, Self-Service and Social
  • Decreased wait-times, one-call resolution, security and scalability.

If you are stuck in the past, relative to technology, and limited to your current contact center, give PeakView a call – let’s talk! Get ahead of the curve. Now is the time to focus on your CX.

Stepping Up Our Game: Partnering with AT&T

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The final numbers are in for 2016 and PeakView moved up the stack from Bronze to Silver with our partner, AT&T. We continue to see a demand for and focus on Security, Business Mobility Applications, IoT and reliable Network Services. Partnering with AT&T allows us to serve these critical client needs with a five-star solution. Kudos to our entire team of top-notch agents and support staff, as well as our excellent AT&T partners across the U.S. and abroad! On to “Gold” in 2017!

PeakView Awarded Top Growth Partner 2016

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PeakView recently attended the annual Top Performing Champions event in Hawaii, hosted by our partner Intelisys. Never one to lower the bar, it was an incredible event and provided opportunities to discuss industry trends and align against goals for 2017.

PeakView was fortunate to be awarded the Top Growth Partner for 2016 – which is recognition of the company that realized the greatest revenue growth among a field of over 2,200 candidates. Our partnership with Intelisys is founded on mutual goals, unwavering ethics and a shared passion for delivering an exceptional client experience. To be recognized as the Top Growth Partner in a field of so many talented people, is a humbling accomplishment. Thanks to the entire Intelisys organization for their support and sponsorship! Of course, Adam and I would like to thank our teammates at PeakView for their diligence and passion for achieving the early growth we’ve experienced. We are couldn’t be more grateful for what we know will be even greater accomplishments ahead as we continue to focus on our client’s success. Cheers!