Cloud Contact Center

The escalation of a competitive marketplace requires companies of all sizes and verticals to seeking better ways to attract, retain and grow their customer base.  Five-star customer service continues to be a core differentiator to achieve these goals.

Cloud Contact Center software (CCaaS) is at the core of this focus and strategy. Cloud Contact Center enables companies to quickly deploy solutions that can evolve with the customer’s service needs.  From traditional voice interactions to more sophisticated digital communication methods such as Chat, SMS and Social media interactions, these software solutions are nimble to meet the ever-changing business needs. Our cloud-based contact center offerings include call routing, workforce management, recording management solutions, and forecasting and reporting.  We deliver all of these solutions with a focus on delivering strong ROI while increasing employee productivity.

Technology is a key component of a strong customer service strategy, and there are an increasing number of players launching new technologies to address contact center needs.  Not all technologies and solutions are created equal and there are many pitfalls to avoid ensuring companies reach their goals of world-class customer service. In addition to PeakView’s market-leading technology consulting, we partner with Unbridled Connect, who complements our technology division by offering insight on best practices for managing and operating contact centers, and analyzing outsource (BPO) considerations.

PeakView has been helping customers determine the right solutions in cloud applications since our inception, and we continue to stay on top of the ever-changing landscape. Contact us to learn more.

Key Providers: Five9, NICE inContact, Kustomer, Serenova, Genesys, Talkdesk



Cloud Storage and Collaboration Company

Being pre-IPO they needed to ensure they provided world class customer service to enable and support their growth. The client could not afford to have poor quality interaction with customers, and needed more robust reporting and analytics.


After a detailed requirements assessment, which included multiple discussion with key stakeholder departments, PeakView narrowed the vendor list to four providers. On-site demonstrations and scope development provided them the opportunity to chose the provider that best fit their needs. PeakView then negotiated aggressive pricing with friendly contract terms, enabling our client with the flexibility to support their customers as business evolved and technical requirements changed.


PeakView also assisted in renegotiating existing telecom and Unified Communications contracts, which cost savings funded the new Contact Center Solution.


Not only did our client deploy a solid solution, they have since added additional functionality available in that platform to continue improving interactions. The client had a successful IPO and is now valued at over $2B dollars.