Data and Network Management

The foundation of any technology solution for your enterprise is secure, reliable and scalable connectivity. Employees, partners and customers expect 100% uptime and access to mission-critical applications. The proliferation of cloud technologies and solutions make it more important than ever to have a solid data network and strategy.

Advances in Layer 2, Layer 3 and IP networks, as well as public, private and hybrid cloud options cause businesses to continually rethink the type of network that may work best for their current and future needs. The convergence of voice, video and data, a growing and expanding company, or the addition of new applications can exponentially increase the need for more bandwidth and put pressures on your network and your IT staff trying to keep up with the latest data networking options. Now more than ever it is critically important to determine the right provider.

PeakView’s team has over of 20 years of experience in Data and Network Management. We partner with a diverse set of providers who deliver a wide range of solution options. Whether you are looking for an SD-WAN solution to connect your enterprise locations over large geographies, or point-to-point connectivity with high speed internet solutions, or anything in between, we work closely with your team to help you make the best decision for an optimal data network.

Key Providers: AT&T, Verizon, CenturyLink, Level 3, GTT, Zayo, Aryaka


Global Content Provider

With over $50M in annual telecom spend, our client had a very complex and multi-faceted project that involved: global data infrastructure, contact center, mobility, conferencing and Unified Communications. The targeted goals were to:

  • Reduce costs
  • Improve inventory accuracy
  • Define process for sourcing and implementation of services
  • Increase scale and bandwidth to support growing requirements
  • Improve quality and reliability

We negotiated restructured terms and pricing for existing services and procured new services at substantially reduced rates.


Single project savings of $4M annually, substantial increase in bandwidth and technical design. Reduced Conferencing costs an additional $1M annually. Increased network capacity by over 400%.


This solution delivered savings of >$4M in just one project alone, while increasing the bandwidth of the core network by over 400%. We delivered an additional $1M in cost reduction across three other projects.