+ Our Comprehensive Process for Cloud Solutions

We ensure our clients are competently represented at every touchpoint of the due diligence process – from discovery, building detailed requirements documentation, technology selection, contract and pricing negotiation, all the way through to successful implementation and ongoing life-cycle management.


Phase 1

Understanding Requirements, Current-State, and Goals

  • Data gathering of current environment – technology, utilization, integrations, clients, stakeholders, gap analysis, feedback of existing provider(s)
  • Confirm current contractual obligations, terms, pricing, and costs
  • Identify and document cross-organizational needs (Sales, Service, Support, IT, Finance, etc.) to ensure solution addresses macro requirements to achieve optimal efficiencies
  • Understanding budget targets to balance technical requirements and corporate financial targets

Phase 2

Define Project Scope, Document Requirements, Implement Bid Process

  • Capture requirements (via stakeholder interviews and agent side-by-sides) in a detailed Requirements Document (RD) that is signed-off on by all stakeholders
  • Based on requirements, narrow list of participating providers in process, initiate demo process with providers, and document capabilities on RD
  • Begin ROI/TCO modeling
  • Select finalists and move to second round of refined demos
  • Complete vendor scorecards by stakeholders and select winning provider
  • Craft Executive Summary for final business case approval

Phase 3

Contracting, Ordering, Implementation, and Ongoing Management

  • Negotiate final pricing and terms, finalize ROI/TCO models, present contracts for execution; leverage PeakView’s knowledge of current market economics
  • Define timeline for implementation, and a cadence for project management
  • PeakView will assign a dedicated Account Manager and Project Overseer
  • PeakView will provide dedicated ongoing support, education, vendor advocacy, and establish a cadence of regular business reviews

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Our cloud contact center experts can help you manage vendor selection with a proven, data-driven process to find the best solution for your business.

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