Security and Compliance

Security and compliance needs are ever evolving. They require a sophisticated expertise to stay current with the latest technologies and mitigation options. Securing assets is one of the most critical and challenging aspects for our clients as it ultimately threatens the efficacy of their business.

PeakView stays abreast of the latest security technologies to give our clients peace of mind. We partner with best-in-class security providers to bring you customized, dynamic security solutions that are right for your business.

As part of our Differentiated Approach model, our assessment of your enterprise allows us to find you the best solution with the greatest ROI. We provide a range of options for you including cloud-based and managed solutions, to on-premise firewalls managed by you. Whether you need 24/7 management and monitoring, or security experts to consult and assist in security plan deployments, we are here to help.

As new threats and new technologies emerge, we stay ahead of the curve, bringing our clients the best solution, designed to meet the enterprise security and compliance needs that businesses demand today. Contact us to learn more.

Key Providers: Rackspace, CenturyLink, Unitas Global, Level 3, Masergy, AT&T


Regional Healthcare Provider

Their antiquated, premise-based security solution was difficult to manage, their IT personnel were unable to keep the technology current, and license fees and hardware costs were wildly expensive. They began looking for more current cloud-based solutions so that they could be more responsive to security trends and attacks, be protected 24×7, and find a more cost-effective option.


PeakView consulted with multiple providers and presented two options for the client to consider. They chose a complete cloud-based option that provided connectivity to all of their clinics in a highly secure outsourced data center facility. In addition, they installed a HIPPA compliant server that allows them to secure their customer data while monitoring potential outside threats from hackers. Their solution also included moving their core infrastructure assets to the data center, and the company’s email solution to the cloud. This gave them peace of mind as they were able to drastically improve system and application uptime ensuring their business is never down.


Met their needs for uptime and reliability expectations, and at the same time, client was thrilled with the overall project management and responsiveness of the PeakView team.


Significantly strengthened their security solution, improved uptime, increased bandwidth, reduced hardware and license costs, allowed client to focus their resources on running and growing their business.