+ Cloud Contact Center Evaluation and Implementation Services

We work as an extension of your team, enabling you to make informed decisions while remaining free to focus on the core of your business.

Our Services

Cloud Contact Center Evaluation and Implementation

Current Platform Assessment

We will run a full assessment of your current contact center platform and identify gaps, pain points, and inefficiencies. This will lay the foundation and inform the formal requirements documentation buildout.

Requirements Documentation

Through a series of interviews and meetings with key stakeholders from all areas of the organization, we formally document all current and future state requirements, which includes use-cases specific to your environment.

RFI/RFP Creation

If your process requires, we will craft an RFI/RFP document tailored to your specific needs, to be used for vendor bidding and evaluation. This can be as comprehensive as needed for your individual situation.

Manage Vendor Selection Process

Based on the requirements and RFP responses, we will assist in narrowing the list of potential vendors and initiate the demo process. This will be focused on your unique needs and use-cases, and coordinated with your schedule. After every demo, each key stakeholder is provided a metric-driven scorecard to rank and rate that vendor’s ability to fulfill your needs.

Provide Financial ROI/TCO Analysis and Executive Summary

A robust business case and financial justification are important to any undertaking. We will work with you to document current costs associated with your contact center, determine which offsets and efficiencies can be gained, and provide you with a comprehensive 3+ year financial analysis and executive summary.

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Pricing and Contract Negotiations

PeakView has extensive experience with all the leading cloud vendors, having worked with clients of all sizes and industries. Our knowledge of the current market enables us to drive price points and maximize the value that you receive from your new solution. Additionally, we have worked with many clients in unique circumstances and will ensure that contractual terms are used to your advantage.

Implementation Services

  • Assign Project Manager
  • Schedule customer kick-off meeting
    • Level-set on project scope, expectations, etc.
  • Schedule vendor project kick-off call
    • Define key stakeholders, review project scope for clarity, establish meeting cadence and timelines, etc.
  • Attend Project Calls
    • Ensure what was promised through the selection process is being delivered by the vendor
    • Assist in keeping the project on track, resolving concerns as they surface in a timely fashion
    • Escalate where needed, providing ongoing client advocacy
  • Multi-vendor coordination
    • If the selected solution has multiple vendors, we assist in ensuring seamless communication between those parties to identify dependencies and achieve a cohesive outcome
  • Provide Go-Live support via remote or on-site as needed

Post-Implementation Services

  • Assign Dedicated Account Manager
  • Attend regularly scheduled client and vendor meetings
  • Review invoices for accuracy and help ensure timely corrections as needed
  • Schedule Quarterly Business Reviews
    • Continually assess vendor performance, outstanding issues, ensure adoption and deployment of full feature functionality, and address evolving business needs
  • Manage Escalations
    • Our team is notified automatically of tickets opened with the vendor, and we work with the vendor to ensure timely resolution
  • Ongoing Education
    • Discuss new software releases and features that may be useful to your business
    • Discuss new trends in the market and similar vertical industry use cases that may be beneficial
  • Manage Evolution of Business Needs
    • Provide continued diligence and research when new business requirements are identified, and the technology solution options need to be vetted
  • Track and manage contract renewals
    • Keep client informed of new market rates for services, and negotiate renewal on their behalf

Deliver Exceptional Customer Experiences

Our cloud contact center experts can help you manage vendor selection with a proven, data-driven process to find the best solution for your business.

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